Cabinetmaker or "ebanista": current term in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, referred to who made special furniture with exotic wood, such as ebony, and specialists in marquetry, notch and inlay. In Brazil, the word "ebanista" was common until the middle of the twentieth century, then fell into disuse. Nowadays, the meaning of the word is linked to luxury furniture making.

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IDA - Art Rio

Marina da Gloria, Rio de Janeiro

Booth 11 / Ricardo Graham with Humano Designart and O Formigueiro.



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London Design Festival 2017


Lina Kanafani curates an exhibition exploring collectable design by showcasing examples of design excellence. Mint will be presenting furniture from Brazil, demonstrating the best of contemporary Brazilian design. One theme shared by the designers is that of sustainability, expressed through the use of wood from certified forests and recyclable, native materials applied in an unusual and creative manner.

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Cariocas Designers and craftsmen of wood

Talk in Design Week  with Ricardo Graham, Fernando Mendes, Guilherme Sas and Rodrigo Calixto.

Designers, woodworkers, who create and produce their own pieces, presenting their works and their trajectories of success.